When the heat goes out in your home or office, you are not only uncomfortable, but you run the genuine risk of damage to your plumbing systems and additional costly repairs. Bardi Plumbing & Heating can maintain your heating system so that it runs at optimal efficiency. Our heating services include:

  • Custom design and installation of radiant heating and snow melting
  • Maintenance of hot water and steam boilers (full tune-ups)
  • Installation of high efficiency boilers
  • Oil to gas conversions of existing heating systems
  • Repair and replacement of boiler controls and valves
  • Installation and repair of radiators and baseboard heating elements

The technicians at Bardi Plumbing & Heating have also received extensive training in the following types of heating systems:

Hydronic heating is the use of water as the heat-transfer medium. Some of the oldest and most common examples are boilers, radiators, and hot-water baseboard systems. Hydronic heating systems have little or no air movement, which means air quality doesn’t deteriorate due to repeatedly circulating dust and impurities. This is a great benefit for allergy sufferers.

Radiant floor heating systems are another form of hydronic heat. PEX radiant tubing is installed in the concrete or pre-cut flooring systems which use hot water to conduct warmth to the surface of the floor. The water is heated by a boiler fueled by either natural gas, propane, oil or electricity and a pump circulates the water.